Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BREAKING: Florida Senator Slips Electronic Chips Into Drivers Licenses

Wake up America!

This should scare the hell out of each and every American, but sadly is doesn't. Our society has been so brainwashed by the government that we continue to lie down and accept the fact that we are being stripped of freedoms.

By allowing the government to add these RFID chips into our drivers licenses we are accepting the fact that big brother will be able to track us like cattle as long as we have our ID in our possession.

I can only imaging that Hitler would have given anything to have such technology. Just think how convenient it would have been for him to implant a chip into the papers of every Jew, thus insuring that none could have escaped what he had planned for them.

So my question to you is this. What will you do when the DMV tells you that it is your turn to be issued your new drivers license? Will you tuck your tail between your legs and do as you are told or will you rise up and take a stand for your freedom?

Read the news story below and let me know your thoughts on this issue in the comment section.

National ID Card

Majority Whip Flores must have little knowledge of history, nor a full understanding of our current personal liberty crisis, as brought on by the current administration, to issue such a ludicrous amendment as cited below. 

The intent of such an amendment might be innocent; but a lack of knowledge of how to preserve and protect the citizens of this state from an Orwellian dictatorship is inexcusable.  We are sending a request to Sen. Flores for an explanation of why she believes that opening Pandora’s box of adding electronic devices to identification systems is in the best interest of her voters.  We will print the reply if and when she gives us one.

If Sen. Flores is successful in having an electronic device added to our drivers licenses, it will most likely be in the form of an RFID chip.  This bodes badly for the next generation of citizens of the State of Florida and our country.  It is so sad that a high-ranking Republican is at the heart of a movement to reduce the security of our personal data by requiring our compliance by force of law. 

She probably didn’t read this story.

Florida Senate - 2011                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for SB 1150
                                Barcode 493476
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION
                    Senate             .             House
                 Comm: RCS            .
                  03/30/2011           .
       The Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability
       (Flores) recommended the following:

    1         Senate Substitute for Amendment (528984) (with title
    2  amendment)
    4         Between lines 2121 and 2122
    5  insert:
    6         Section 53.?Section 322.145, Florida Statutes, is created
    7  to read:
    8         322.145?Electronic authentication of licenses.—
    9         (1)?Any driver’s license issued on or after July 1, 2012,
   10  must contain a means of electronic authentication, which
   11  conforms to a recognized standard for such authentication, such
   12  as public key infrastructure, symmetric key algorithms, security
   13  tokens, mediametrics, or biometrics. Electronic authentication
   14  capabilities must not interfere with or change the driver’s
   15  license format or topology.
   16         (2)?The department shall provide, at the applicant’s option
   17  and at the time a license is issued, a security token that can
   18  be electronically authenticated through a personal computer. The
   19  token must also conform to one of the standards provided
   20  subsection (1).
   21         (3)?The department shall negotiate a new contract with the
   22  vendor selected to implement the electronic authentication
   23  feature which provides that the vendor pay all costs of
   24  implementing the system. This contract must not conflict with
   25  current contractual arrangements for the issuance of driver’s
   26  licenses.
   28  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   29         And the title is amended as follows:
   30         Delete line 188
   31  and insert:
   32         department; creating s. 322.145, F.S.; requiring the
   33         Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to
   34         implement a system providing for the electronic
   35         authentication of driver’s licenses; providing
   36         criteria for a token for security authenticity;
   37         requiring that the department contract for
   38         implementation of the electronic verification;
   39         amending s. 322.20, F.S., relating to